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The Dead cells video game is a development of Motion Twin.This action-based game is still undergoing testing and only runs on Microsofts windows. This single player game was first launched in may 2017. However, the developers have plans to bring it on board on other platforms like Xbox one, Nintendo Switch, macOS, PlayStation 4, and Linux


Motion Twin Company ventured into the development of video games in 2001. During this times the company only focused on mobile gaming and browser. Later due to high levels of competition, the company switched to video games for computers making a grand entry into the field with the Binding of Isaac and then Dead Cells.


This game is adventurous and full of life as players take the role of controlling dead cells in a deceased prisoner’s body. In the adventure, the player is met by creatures and enemies, and therefore the player must do everything to survive. In the course of the fight, one might be lucky to collect abilities, more cells, weapons, money, armor, and power-ups which increase the player’s chances of survival. The spread of the virus is very rapid, and thus the power-ups will come in handy in improving the player’s health.


In this game, the player can learn the enemy’s tricks and trends, and therefore the player is advantaged on making the next move and thus can easily defeat the enemy.
The power-ups always boost the player’s immunity and thus increase survival chances.


The game is currently only available for Microsoft Windows, and therefore players from other platforms cannot access the game.
In this game, the player’s death is fundamental for the development of the game’s plot, and this means one must be prepared to make several losses.

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