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Far Cry 6 is an upcoming first-person game designed by Ubisoft Toronto. Its publisher is Ubisoft, and it comes as the sixth major advancement of the Far Cry game series. There are expectations that the game will officially be released to the public early next year, probably February 18.

The game will be available for Amazon Luna, Xbox One, Stadia, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5. You can upgrade to the next generation platform without spending any extra cost after the launch.

The play takes place in Yara, a fictional Caribbean island governed by President Anton Castillo. Besides, the president raises Diego, his son, to follow his teachings and nurture him to become the next generation’s leader. So, you’ll be a guerilla warrior who attempts to take down the brutal dictator and his son from power. As a result, make the Yara nation free.

What makes Far Cry 6 special?

Impressive gameplay

Far Cry 6 follows the same game format from the previous Far Cry series. It introduces the principal nasty Yara dictator, Castillo, and his son Diego. He intends to suppress a guerrilla revolution, by all means necessary, with Diego following his footsteps. To topple this oppressive regime, the players use makeshift weapons, vehicles, and Amigos for hire.

Antagonist yet Merciless Dictator

Generally, Far Cry is known for its cunning anti-heroes. The first series started with drastic out of the ordinary leader Joseph Seed. They moved on with maniacal king Pagan Min. In other words, the Far Cry series has plenty of intense personalities who make the game impressive. With Anton Castillo, he has several complexities.
Acting as the president of Yara, he has placed the country under his rigid control. Often, he uses brutal methods to get what he thinks is best. He was voted to transform the economically struggling island back to its original glory. Therefore, he will do anything to achieve his vision.
Anyone who speaks ill of his methods is rounded up and forced to work as a slave. So, the guerrilla fighters opt to go to war to fight for ordinary citizens’ freedom and save paradise from the dictator. That’s what makes this game quite interesting.

Tropical Yara Playground

Far Cry 6’s plot is the Yara nation, a paradise lost in time, and it’s situated in the heart of the Caribbean. The country has aesthetic and vintage cars inspired by Cuba. Besides, it’s capital city, Esperanza, and comes as the first largest urban setting in the Far Cry game series you have ever had. The city will play an entirely different role from the past series.

The nation’s dictator empowers citizens to understand the need for strong leadership. As a result, it gets stuck at the center of the revolution. His main goal is to utilize the country’s resources to live without outsiders’ aid, who may appoint their scientists and other rational stuff.

Interestingly, your journey to destroy this cruel regime takes you through the island’s dense cities, fantastic jungles, and elegant beaches. Therefore, you can rest assured to get the most expensive Far Cry playground that’s up to date.

Castillo and his son’s relationship takes a central stage.

The relationship between President Anton and his son Diego forms an essential part in the Far Cry 6. Essentially, he teaches and grooms the kid to succeed him in the future. Now, the question is, will Diego follow in his footsteps? That’s what you’ll have to discover in this upcoming Far Cry 6 series.

At the same time, the game makes Anton one of the most exciting villains that exist today. Primarily, he acts as a caring father and a cunning and arrogant leader. On top of that, he passes down twisted, offensive, and brutal lessons to his loving son.

Play as a Revolutionary Fighter, Dani Rojas

In this game series, you’ll be able to select whether to play as a man or a woman. Depending on your gender selection, Dani will be fully voiced and captured performance. Dani Rojas suits the requirements for a character born and raised on the island of Yara. The character is local and sees themselves as part of the revolution. Someone who can get swept up in the Liberty movement to take down the cruel dictatorship government. So, you’ll take the role of Dani Rojas, a guerilla soldier who fights for Yara’s freedom from the dictator. Also, the ultimate goal is to try to revive the nation back to its initial glory.

New Amigos for Hire

It is one of the most famous and successful elements in Far Cry 5 and comes back with style. Hire soldiers to patrol and fight with you fiercely against the cruel leadership. In this series, the guns for hire will be called Amigos for Hire.
Partner up with artificial intelligence agents to help you in the battles. You’ll find an adorable wiener dog called Chorizo as one of the most prominent amigos and a jaded ex-KGB spy. Therefore, you can always call in some backup to your missions.

The world of verticality

For the first time in the series, Yara boasts a sprawling capital city known as Esperanza. You can travel around the area more stealthily or go to the streets with guns blazing in firefights. All these give the town a more verticality allowing you to get the real feel of a revolution. In other words, the guerilla revolution often starts in the farmlands and jungles.
However, you’ll plan, circle, and approach Anton. While attacking the city, you’ll feel the weight of oppression. More importantly, you’ll be able to navigate through alleys and rooftops. This changes not only how you play but also how the narrative feels.


Far Cry 6 will be a unique game series; every fan can’t wait to start playing. With the incredible playing ground that’s modernized, every mission will be quite impressive. Anton does everything in his power, even if it means sacrificing his people to forge his dream paradise. As a guerrilla fighter, you won’t let that happen. You’ll fight the battle to give Yara its freedom! The game is authentic, fun, and nothing should take that away from you.