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FIFA 22 will be arriving late this year – but you already are aware of that. EA Sports has released a song as well as a dance about the new gameplay features of FIFA 22, but what is new for this game? In this article, I will explain some of the interesting changes that have been made to this exciting game.

FIFA 22 New Features


HyperMotion is an innovative gameplay technology that is expected to revolutionize this game. It will involve a combo of real-time motion capture which enhances how teams and players move across the game. Twenty-two professional footballers participated in a project where they took to the pitch while wearing Xsens suits. This resulted in EA Sports recording an unprecedented amount of “high-quality real-human movement data.”

More so, FIFA 22 boasts a state-of-the-art machine learning algorithm that can learn about 9 million frames of capture footage, and produce new real-time animations. In total, FIFA 22 will feature more than 4,000 new animations.


There are significant refresh animations for the goalkeepers. EA Sports promises to offer more reliable saves in the game. The goalkeepers are harder to beat now and there are new animations for collapsing on the ball after the goalkeeper makes a save.

True ball physics

FIFA 22 game features true ball physics in both its last and current-gen which impacts the trajectory of the ball. Shifting the ball from one side of the pitch to the other certainly feels more viable now, and lofted passes find teammates in space. You can send that stunning inside to the outside Ronaldinho-driven pass too!

Explosive sprint

Both versions of FIFA 22 will feature a new explosive sprint that is unique to the game. The explosive sprint impacts the player’s acceleration rate when you sprint forward in a straight line (it does not work if you go sideways or backward). The intention is to make you feel the explosive sprint with much immensity as your player accelerates quickly. This takes place when you have and don’t have the ball. However, there is a challenge – it is very easy to overshoot. Therefore, you have to time your sprint appropriately.

Attacking tactics

FIFA 22 promises new attacking tactics across its entire board. It will be possible to choose your attacking tactics differently from your defensive half and your offensive half. For instance, you can choose direct passing in the half of your opponent and possession in your half.

Skill moves and stats

Four new skill moves have been added to FIFA 22 this year – the four-touch skill (useful if you’re on the sideline), the scoop turn fake, the first-time spin, and the skilled bridge. These are first-time skills which means that 90% of these skills can be used for ball control. However, you cannot use skills that do not touch the ball or the skill bridge.

FIFA 22 will also offer more stats for players to analyze their game information. This entails the common expected goals stat, and more detailed data such as your passing, your shots, where you have been passing, the positions that your players are occupying, just to name a few.

EA Sports has also been working hard to fix the problem of tackling a player and not fetching the ball back, an issue that has been prevalent in previous FIFA games. Certain changes are expected to enhance “gameplay fairness”. What exactly does this mean? A great example is where EA Sports is enhancing enforced manual headers into more settings. Among the expected changes also include blocks and the physicality of the players as well.


EA Sports has reported that Alex Scott, a former professional footballer who once played for Arsenal’s women’s team, will be the first lady commentator in the history of the game. She will be offering live goal reports during the game with Derek Rae and Stewart Robson as the main commentary team.

FIFA 22 cover star

EA Sports has confirmed that Paris Saint Germain’s Kylian Mbappe will once again return as FIFA 22’s cover star after appearing on FIFA 21’s cover last year. The official EA Sports Twitter account posted a picture of the French star on the Ultimate Edition’s cover.

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