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Godfall is one of the latest action role-playing video games developed by Counterplay Games. It was published by Gearbox publishing and has since then attracted a huge fan base globally. This game sends players on a loot-slasher mission to save a ruined world from an anticipated apocalyptic occurrence.


Godfall is set in a bright high fantasy world, Aperion, which is on the verge of ruin. This setting is divided into realms of air, water and earth, where players take over the role of the last surviving Valorian knights. Valorian knights are god-like warriors who have the powers to equip legendary armour sets known as Valorplates that help transforms wielders into uniquely unstoppable masters of melee combat. The main role of the players is to counter the occurrence of a major apocalyptic event.

Players have access to 5 weapon classes to choose from based on the Valorplates they want to equip. The weapon classes available include polearm, longsword, two-handed war hammer, dual blades and two-handed great sword. Additionally, the players can equip other Augments and Volarplates to customize how the character class they choose plays out.

Godfall is designed to accommodate both solo and multiple players. It can support a maximum of three players playing in a cooperative mode. Godfall is termed as a loot-slasher based on its concept of loot shooter. A player uses this loot shooting concept to complete missions and to gain better loot for other quests.


This game sends you on a challenging adventure in a quest to save Aperion. As a player, you adventure through the above-ground reefs of the water realm as you enter the earth’s extensive subterranean forests. Here, you have to apply the five weapon classes’ unique playing styles to get through each quest as you head towards the top to challenge the mad god, Macros.

The adventure becomes more thrilling as you level up, where you learn new skills and uncover strange legendary weapons that have devastating effects on the battlefield. You also have a chance to test your skills in the complex Tower of Trials and undertake challenges against some of the toughest hoes to help earn top-tier loot. The loots help in conquering further quests.

Key Features

• Action role-playing: This game is based on actions where every hit that a player makes matters.
• Loot-slasher: The player seeks to amass top-tier loots that have a meaningful impact on the quest.
• Versatility: It can accommodate a solo player or multiple players in a cooperative mode.


If you are a fan of action-filled video games, you should consider trying Godfall to have a thrilling action gaming experience.