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Grand Theft Auto V is the fifth main installment in the incredibly popular series Grand Theft Auto (also known as GTA) created and published by Rockstar’s various studios. The game was released in 2013 on the Playstation and Xbox platforms and was re-released for the PS3 and Xbox One the following year. GTA V only became available for PC in 2015. It comes five years after GTA IV was released in 2008.


Like the essence of the GTA games, GTA V allows the player to free roam, meaning that they can explore the settings and landscapes. This feature however usually only becomes available after reaching a certain point in the main plot. Players are free to explore San Andreas with its countrysides and main city Los Santos, both locations taking huge inspiration from California and Los Angeles respectively. Players are able to choose between three main characters who are criminals that try to pull off a complicated heist. Whilst during main gameplay the plot decides who the player must be, in free roam it is possible to simply alternate between each criminal and their different locations at that time.


Like many action video games, it is possible to play GTA V in first or third person. Following the set up of previous games in the series, a wanted system informs the player how much aggression they should expect from law enforcement forces. This ultimately falls and rises depending on the amount and severity of crimes committed. It can range from one police car chasing them to an entire group. There is an online mode that allows players to compete and work together across the world.

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