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Embark on a breathtaking journey with the Horizon Forbidden West Complete Edition, now bundled with the enthralling Burning Shores expansion and additional bonus material. Dive deeper into Aloy’s quest with the Burning Shores, an expansion pack that enriches her journey with new narratives, allies, and challenges within an awe-inspiring, yet perilous, uncharted territory.

A New Frontier Awaits

Step into the boots of Aloy, venturing into an imposing and unexplored domain filled with enigmatic dangers. The Complete Edition presents the opportunity to immerse yourself in the Horizon Forbidden West universe on PC, supplemented by exclusive content. Experience the continuation of Aloy’s saga with the Burning Shores, an expansion that unfolds subsequent to the primary narrative, enhancing the acclaimed action-RPG with additional layers of depth.

Uncover the Mysteries of a Post-Apocalyptic World

Traverse vast landscapes, confront towering mechanical beasts, and interact with new, fascinating cultures as you navigate the dystopian world of Horizon. Earth teeters on the brink of another collapse, plagued by relentless storms and a devastating blight, with humanity’s remnants at risk from terrifying new machines.

Aloy’s Quest for Harmony

It falls upon Aloy to delve into the origins of these calamities and steer the world back towards equilibrium. Her journey is one of reunion, diplomacy, and discovery, as she seeks to mend the fractured bonds between conflicting tribes and decrypt the world’s ancient mysteries.

Next-Gen Gaming Experience

Experience Horizon Forbidden West with unparalleled clarity and immersion, supported by cutting-edge resolutions including Ultrawide 21:9, Super Ultrawide 32:9, and even Triple Monitor setups at 48:9*. Marvel at the detailed landscapes and dynamic environments, brought to life with NVIDIA DLSS 3, NVIDIA DLAA, and NVIDIA Reflex technology, along with compatibility for AMD FSR and Intel XeSS**. Optimize your gaming experience with customizable graphics settings and enjoy unrestricted frame rates for the ultimate playthrough.

Enhanced Control and Immersion

Gain unparalleled control over your adventure with comprehensive support for the DualSense™ controller. Engage in the game with tactile feedback and adaptive trigger features, drawing you closer to the action and adventure that Horizon Forbidden West has to offer.

*Note: Triple monitor support and enhanced resolutions ensure a breathtaking gaming experience. **Note: Advanced graphics technologies enhance visual fidelity and performance. ***Note: DualSense™ controller features require compatible hardware.