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Nintendo Switch Sports represents the newest addition to Nintendo’s celebrated line of sports-themed video games, exclusively designed for the Nintendo Switch platform. This game marks a significant evolution from its predecessors in the Wii game series, distinguishing itself as the first installment to forgo the “Wii” naming convention in favor of the Switch branding.

A Diverse Range of Sports Activities

Set against the backdrop of the imaginative Spocco Square, a versatile sports complex, Nintendo Switch Sports offers players a mix of both classic and novel sports experiences. The game revives beloved sports such as tennis and bowling from the original Wii Sports and swordplay from Wii Sports Resort (here referred to as chambara) and introduces fresh additions including soccer, volleyball, and badminton to the lineup. Furthermore, golf, a fan favorite from earlier editions, rejoined the roster through a complimentary update, enriching the game’s diversity.

Immersive Gameplay Experience

Nintendo Switch Sports leverages the innovative Joy-Con controllers, utilizing their gyroscope capabilities to provide a more immersive and intuitive play experience. This setup allows players to mimic real-life sports movements, enhancing the simulation aspect of the game. The introduction of Sportsmates, alongside the traditional Miis, offers players new avatar customization options with enhanced detail, including more realistic hair, faces, and limbs.

Enhanced Accessibility and Multiplayer Fun

The inclusion of the Leg Strap accessory, initially introduced with Ring Fit Adventure, expands the game’s accessibility, particularly in soccer, allowing for a more engaging and realistic gameplay experience. With updates, its use has been extended to encompass all soccer gameplay modes, further enhancing player immersion.

Nintendo Switch Sports supports extensive multiplayer functionalities, accommodating local co-op gameplay for up to four players on the same console, as well as online play. Online play not only facilitates playing with friends but also enables engaging with a global community through random matchmaking, ensuring endless fun and competitive play.


Nintendo Switch Sports stands as a testament to Nintendo’s ongoing commitment to bringing families and friends together through engaging and innovative gaming experiences. Whether you’re revisiting beloved sports from previous installments or diving into the new offerings, this game promises endless entertainment and competition for players of all ages.

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