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Rust is a multiplayer-only type of video game and it was developed and published by Facepunch Studios. The game was published in February, 2018 and it lies in the action-adventure, survival genre. It can be used on various platforms such as Microsoft Windows, Linux and macOS. The game was first released to the Steam Early Access in December, 2013 but it was still in an alpha state. However, later there were so many developmental changes down to the game which made it change significantly. For instance, zombies were the main environmental threat but they were later replaced with dangerous wildlife. In 2014, there were major graphical changes since it was ported to the Unity 5 game engine. By then the developers introduced a pre-determined skin colour that is tied to the player’s details on the Steam account. The game was then released on December 2013 (Early Access) and February 2018.

About the Game

As mentioned earlier Rust is a survival game so the main objective is to survive in the wilderness. For a player to survive they have to use either materials they have gathered or stolen. By using these tools they should be able to manage their health, thirst, hunger or they will die. There are dangerous wild animals such as bears and wolves but the major threat while playing the Rust is other players since the game is multiplayer.

Players can use combat through firearms and weapons available in the game such as bows. There are also some vehicles that roam around and they usually attack armed players but they can be defeated as long as the player uses the right tactics and skills. Rust is a game that has and needs a lot of crafting, for example, so as to protect themselves players have to join clans or build bases. One of the major aspects of this game is raiding and it has to be done by large clans which makes the game more interesting.

Rust is a game of survival mechanics and there are so many crafting options and resources that players can gather up and keep themselves alive. Despite the full release, there are so many developments happening to the game so it keeps getting better.

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