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Subnautica is an open world underwater survival game developed and published by Unknown Worlds Entertainment.

Dive and Survive

This unique survival experience will have players diving deeper and deeper into the watery depths of an unknown alien world, scavenging for food and crafting drinkable water along with powerful new equipment. Players will only remain as the predator for so long; certain lifeforms won’t hesitate about making you their lunch.

Home Sweet Home

Construct somewhere to catch a breather, choose from several useful modules such as a place to store vehicles you’ve built or a place to store required resources. Build a Scanner room, for example, to scan for particular resources you need and set up cameras to keep an eye on any nearby life trying to sniff you out.
The base itself isn’t untouchable of course, hull integrity and pressure will have to be managed accordingly, lest you suffer a watery fate.

Night Fright

If you plan on leaving your cozy seabase however, watch out for sundown. The planet’s most vicious predators like to make present themselves when all is dark, but if you were to cower away during these times you might just miss some very special sights…

Powered Up

Players won’t be left completely helpless, they’ll have access to schematics for powerful diving suits and vehicles such as the PRAWN (Pressure Re-Active Waterproof Nanosuit). This particular suit is able to be modified with various upgrades and defense mechanisms such as torpedo launchers, mining drills, grappling hooks and even more.

What Happened?

Follow signals and broadcasts, there are plenty of signs that could lead to discovering what really happened down on this planet. What’s with the mysterious underwater structures? How and why did you crash? And can you even get off the planet anyway? Also, why is some of the sealife infected?