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This is the Police 2 is an adventure strategy game developed by Weappy Studio and published by THQ Nordic.

Players will have to take the law into their own hands and run their own law department in the fictional town of Sharpwood. Manage your cops, make difficult decisions, and run the questionable police department your way in the setting of a cold border town rife with crime. Being virtuous will not get you far – it’s time to clean up the town the hard way.

Multiple genres

Following on from its predecessor released in August 2016, This is the Police 2 draws on various genres and gameplay mechanics to keep the player guessing. Sometimes it’s a strategy game, but at other times it could be a simulation, management, or puzzle game.

A town without order

Tough decisions will need to be made as no-one in Sharpwood is completely innocent. Economic issues akin to those in reality are also clear within the game, with poverty and hunger cause rising levels of domestic crime, which has lead the citizens to rely on “forest spirits” and archaic religious cults, rather than the law in their own town.

Be careful who you trust

To succeed, players need to make deals with criminals, and rely on insecure and untrustworthy civilians and fellow police officers, many of whom may be a help, or secretly a hindrance. The personal relationships forged with the people of Sharpwood will be your blessing, or your ultimate undoing.

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