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This Is the Police is a single player, strategy management game which was developed by Weappy Studio and published by THQ Nordic. The player takes the role of the chief of police, Jack Boyd, and you must manage your team of police to respond to a variety of crimes that take place across the city. Your goal is to make $500,000 in 180 days which is when you are due to retire. This can be completed in a variety of different ways and you can choose to play as a by the book good cop, or take the bad, corrupt route.

Unique Situations

The game will present you with all kinds of crimes, from pickpocketing to murder. You must choose which police officers and how many police officers you want to send to each situation, each of which will affect your chance of a successful arrest. As well as managing crimes, you will also be presented with a variety of choices such as making press statements and dealing with shady characters that can benefit you financially, but will affect your reputation should the story get out.  The game offers a great deal of replayability, with unique situations and different choices you can make to each situation meaning that no two playthroughs will play out the same. Your character Jack Boyd is fully voiced by Jon St.John who is better known as the voice of famous video game character Duke Nukem