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Thonebreaker is a single player game which is set on the world of Witcher that combines unique puzzles and card battle mechanics with narrative-driven exploration. This game was developed and published by CD Projekt RED and was released in April this year.

What is Unique About the Thronebreaker game?

One of the most favorite thing about the game is that there are new perspectives on the Witcher’s world. In this game, Geralt is a mutant and an outsider such that his relationship with the Northern Realms’ guerrilla and dwarf resistance fighters is sympathetic. On the other hand, Meve is human and is the queen of Lyria and Rivia. Its development began with a simple design, but with time, the game took an isometric perspective. The game allows players to travel between different nodes on the world map where each map represents a different story. Here, combat takes place as alternative Gwent battles.

Modifications of the Game

Before the release of this game, several discussions led to more discussion and a game that was a 10+ hours story transformed into a 30-hour account. Due to that, the game kept growing into a significantly bigger game during development. As the world around a player kept growing big, several NPCs, events and encounters were added. As a developer tradition, Thronebreaker comes with some digital goodies any time a person orders the game.

The most significant change in the game is that the Thronebreaker views the balance differently compared to Gwent. This is because the RPG power progression is at a competitive edge. Therefore, fights can be made easy at the medium difficulty setting. When Meve is moved around the maps, a player realizes there are several resources which grant you wood, gold, and recruits. These resources are used to train new units as well as upgrade your camp.

Is Thinning Applicable in the Game?

In this game, thinning is not an issue since there are enough card combos that provide plenty of winning tactics. For instance, the Wagenberg gains its attack power every time a unit is played along its row. Alternatively, there are also cards which operate outside the draw such as Gheso Arbalest who is present in the battleground during the first round.

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