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Vicarious Visions developed Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2 and published by Activision. It is the fast-selling game in the series and has received several reviews, both negative and positive.
The game grew its popularity by simulating the most popular sport of skateboarding. The developers of the game tried to maintain the skating lines with the original version. This move was to ensure familiarity with the game to the players.

The developer also maintained some of the original versions’ music tracks with an additional thirty-seven new tracks. The game includes the original skateboarders from the original versions. There are also new skateboarders introduced into the game.

Game Structure

The game is much more enjoyable with the introduction of the manual and revert tricks in the flatland requested by Tony Hawk himself. It has high scoring potential. The game has many elevated objectives making it different from the previous versions.

The game provides a tutorial initially, and it is vital to play no matter the level of expertise. It helps to familiarise with the changes made in the game different from the previous versions. You can play the game in short two minute chunks. This feature allows you to enjoy quick game sessions. The game does not stop even after the clock’s expiry if you keep performing tricks and combos.
If you are good in the game, the time extends by more than one minute.


Tony hawks pro skater 1+2 provides an amazing simulation of real-life skating. Every section of the game adjusts towards a single objective for you to move better and faster. There is a sharp angle to challenge you. You can use the elevations in the game to jump ahead. The game developers tried to create a unique game different from the original one to create a platform’s feeling.

Playing the game involves momentum management, balancing, and passing through a particular level to reach the destination’s point. You can use several skating styles to get to this point. You need to collect points and for various skating tricks and finishing a set of goals.

Some of these objectives include jumping off from highly elevated levels, picking up floating alphabets on the map. These challenges encourage you to figure out how to complete the game. The challenges appear impossible initially, but you need to rethink and plan to solve the challenge ahead. The more number of times you play, the better you become.

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