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Torchlight III is set a century after the events in Torchlight II, which led to the slow decline of the Ember Empire. Novastraia finds itself under attack again in Torchlight III, and it’s up to you, the player, to protect the empire from the Netherim and its associates.

In the course of the game, you are expected to brave the frontier and gather your wits to find new adventures, glory, and fame. Torchlight III is the third game in the Torchlight series and is developed by Echtra Inc. and published by Perfect World Entertainment.
It was officially released on 13th October 2020.

Traveling the Frontier

As you start the gameplay, you will need to brave the broad Novastraia wilderness as you face all its imminent dangers. You have the option of braving the wilderness alone or choosing to travel with a close group of friends.

Torchlight III presents the player with four main choices: Sharpshooter, Dusk Mage, Railmaster, and Forged. Each available character comes with a Relic subclass tree and two class-specific skill trees.
The classes you can choose from include:
• Blood-fueled health regens
• Poisonous spider minions
• Fireballs
• Icy blasts
• Lightning storms
It’s important to note that as soon as you have chosen your preferred relic, that’s it! The relic will become a permanent aspect of the hero’s progression. Additionally, it will not level up on its own but will rely on skill points.

The developer recently introduced this change with the new release. It’s meant to help the players feel that the skill-tree decisions are significant. While not all players will like the changes, they have no option but to stick to them until the end.

Collect Epic Gear

As you take on dangerous foes and continue battling through dungeons, you will find that there’s always something new for you to collect. Some of the items you can add to your collection include new pets, weapons, and armor.

Torchlight’s III Biggest Challenge

As earlier mentioned, Torchlight III has four odd classes. Forged, for instance, is a small robot that gears by changing out different parts. The Railmaster continues to lay tracks as the game progresses.
On the other hand, the Sharpshooter and The Dusk Mage are your typical run of the mill ranged fighter archetypes. They are the characters you will want to choose when playing with friends. Their fragility means they can’t survive in the game for long when alone.

Torchlight 3, as was the case with Torchlight 2, contains a reasonably robust skill system. It’s upon the player to choose between investing in skills they can use to slow down their enemies in certain areas and those they can use to knock them back.

An alternative to this is choosing passive effects such as getting an opportunity to cause debuffs when you go on the offensive. For every skill chosen, you will come across several levels you can use to include kicker effects or enhance their base function.

To add to this game’s complexity, every character will need to select a relic that comes up with their skillset. It gives the player a chance to develop builds that can assist in complementing their existing powers.

For example, they can get an opportunity to shore up weaknesses or create more damage by giving the character an ability to create shields or heal themselves. It would be much easier for the character to experiment if they weren’t locked into the choices made earlier.

Every new accomplishment enables the player to earn critical points in the game. When redeeming the points, it’s encouraged to invest in a few useful skills you can use slowly. It makes more sense than investing in broad-spectrum skills you can’t use as often as you would like.

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