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Visage is a 1st persona psychological horror game. Players get the opportunity to explore a mysterious, constantly changing house in a slow pace world, which has a very comfort and horrific realistic environments. The game is developed and published by SadSquare Studio.

About The Game

The Environment

Visage is set inside a huge and mysterious house where terrible things had happened. Payers will wander in the gloomy scary corridors and explore all the dead rooms. The chances of getting lost in the endless mazes are very high, and memories of the dead families that once occupied the homes would remain vivid for a long time.

The storyline

This terrifying house is stained with a dark past. Family members are found brutality murdered by one of their own, and as a result, people went insane and many within the family committed suicide. All the rooms in the house have a different story to tell, as seen painted in the invisible canvas. As players, you are required to relive that dark past. The events which happened are bond to leave you restless and scared. You would wish you were dead, but even death would not help you forget the terrifying memories! It’s either you become shrewd or try to unveil the truth behind the deaths, or chicken out and run from the shadows. The choice is yours.

The Dark Entities.

The dead in the house will haunt you down and leave you a restless soul. They will follow and watch your every move, stare at you from all corners and even play mind games on you. When given a chance, they will also try and attack you!
Why are they bitter at you? Did you play any part in their murder? This you will have to find out more on your own.


In the game, players are defenceless. They are however able to collect key elements and interact with their environment. They can either look for things which will help them escape that nighmare or pull them deeper into it.
Death is part of the game; therefore players must avoid dying at all costs. They must avoid terror because the dark shadows are attracted to it. Players must also keep their mind sane so as to avoid joining the ranks of the dead. Sanity can be achieved by avoiding dark places and staying in the lights.


Visage contains mature realistic depiction of violence, which are disturbing to look at. Also, apart of its theme involve alcohol and drug abuse. Therefore players discretion is advised.

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