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Void Bastards is a first-person shooter game inspired by BioShock and System Shock 2. It replicates the combat styles used on the 2013’s Card Hunter game with a strange sense of humour that sets it apart. The gameplay involves putting players in the shoes of expendable convicts who have been sent on space missions to look for basic supplies.

The Plot

You are a prisoner who is travelling across the galaxy to explore dozens of randomly generated space stations. At one point, you are in search of an HR computer, which is supposed to grant you freedom since the last one exploded. Each procedurally-generated spaceship presents unique problems and solutions. They all have resources on board though not all of them are useful. The overworld presents a mini-game where the player needs to manage food, fuel and other supplies while dodging alien whales, space pirates and other obstacles.


A unique feature about this game is its randomness. The different space stations have different variables and layouts that require a great deal of skill to overcome. For example, you may find a station with a pool of radiation, so you need to sprint and jump to avoid getting destroyed. Another ship may have lost power, forcing the player to manoeuvre through dark hallways to access the power switch and bring the station back online beset by random enemies. You will encounter different types of enemies; some are overpowered and should be avoided in most cases while others are exploding set near doors and explode before you notice them. Another type of enemy is a group of flying robots that require specific weapons to fight.

Knowing when and where to dock is critical to winning the game. You will be provided with a star map, which shows the potential stations to travel to. Note that each jump consumes food and fuel, which you need to recover from scavengers and engine bays on various stations. Sometimes, you have to decide whether to dock at a station full of enemies or starve to death. Dying is not the end of the game since you re-emerge as a new prisoner with a posh British accent.

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