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The Warriors Orochi 4 video game, was previously released as Musou Orochi 3. It was released in 2018 in Japan and was developed by Koei Tecmo in collaboration with Omega Force. This hack and slash video game is compatible with Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation.

The video game is the 5th installment of the series Warriors Orochi, an amalgamation of the Dynasty Warriors and the Samurai Warriors series. The updated version of the video game, by the title Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate, was later released in Japan on the 19th of December, 2019, and released in Europe and North America on the 14th of February, 2020.

The Game-play of the Video Game

Similar to the previous versions, the video gamer takes control of a three-man team comprising of characters from both the Samurai Warriors and the Dynasty Warriors iterations. Every character possesses a unique class category that identifies their capability: Technique, Strength, as well as Speed.

What is new is the idea of magical powers and sacred treasures, concepts that enable the characters to carry out unique feats that are beyond the ability of the enemies. These rely on a unique group that is different from the class system. They are carried out by pressing down and holding the right shoulder handle and pushing either the Musou attacking, charge or normal buttons.

For this game, characters from the Dynasty Warriors iteration do not have their second Musou attack, however, they maintain the capability to carry out a flying Musou strike. Characters from the Samurai Warriors do not have their unique strikes, but they maintain the capability to execute hyper strikes. The capacity to mount a horse rests in Warriors Orochi 4 and is executed through pushing down the right shoulder handle and pushing the jump switch.

The Plot of the Video Game

As a result of the proceedings of Warriors Orochi 3, the warriors of the Three Kingdoms and Sengoku era go back to their era, after forgetting all their undertaking in the dimensional universe. Even so, Zeus, the ruler of Olympus, resolved to get them back for unknown reasons. Zeus’s son, Perseus, tired of his persistent interference of human affairs, resolved to run off with his eight Ouroboros bangles, designed from Medusa’s hair and comprising of godly power.

Eventually, the warriors are split into four groups, every one of them with a bangle wielder. Perseus marshals the first one, which entails Yukimura Sanada, Naotora Li, and Guan, every one of them managing the power Tyr, Aphrodite, and Freya respectively. The second is marshaled by Nuwa and entails Nobunaga Oda, responsible for controlling the power of Izanagi. Zeus’s children, Athena and Ares lead the third group that entails Cao, Zhao, and Mitsunari, every one of them controlling the power of Poseidon, Apollo, and Hermes, respectively. The last group entails Lu Bu and Da Ji, both of whom control the power of Thor.

Characters of the Video Game

Originally, this game involved 170 active characters. Apart from the characters from other franchises, all active characters from Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate return. These characters are constructed as per their appearances from Dynasty Warriors 8: Samurai Warriors 4 and Empires; as a result, the video game as well marks the beginning of characters initiated in these video games into the Warriors Orochi iterations.

Concluding Remarks

Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate is simply a magnificent video game. If you are asking yourself whether or not this game is worth it, then the answer is yes. With 170 characters, several levels, as well as numerous playing modes, this video game is any perfectionist’s favorite.

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