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This is a game that has been developed by the famous French video game producing company called Ubisoft. The Watch dogs’ legion has been developed fully by specifically Ubisoft Toronto and the publisher is Ubisoft itself. Although the game has been developed and published fully, it will be released to be played in various platforms in the year 2020 the month of March. The game can to some extent be guaranteed to be fun and a great success as Ubisoft is an expert franchise having developed games such as; Assassins’ Creed, Prince of Persia, Raving Rabbids and even Prince of Persia. The Watch dogs’ legion is a part of the series production that is referred to as the Watch dogs’ production.

Features of the game and platform to play

The episode is a third installation in the series developed after the second watch dogs 2 production. The game consists of a fictional world that is designed to look like it is situated in the real London where all the occurrences are happening. The player has the ability and power to control a number of characters involved in the game. The player can decide to use more than even one player who can work together to increase the chances of success. The game will be enjoyed by a majority of individuals as it can be played in a number of platforms; Microsoft windows, play station but specifically on PS 4, Google stadia and even Xbox One. The player is given the power to choose the characters with whom they are going to use throughout the game.

Characters of the game

Unlike other past instalments of the watch dogs, this specific development enables the player to control more than one player. This is a great development as different unique players can be recruited according to their unique abilities hence varied options. The recruits make up an advanced security company that is referred to as Albion. This firm is responsible for monitoring all the activities in the City of London all using different means which range from walking on foot, by use of vehicle and even the use of the fastest means available which is travelling by underground train stations. The recruits are either grouped or classified under the combat, stealth or even the hacking force. They all require different unique abilities and methods and can be upgraded depending on ability to execute missions to completion.