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Wildmender, an exhilarating exploration and gardening game, immerses players in the challenge of rejuvenating a desolate world. Venture into the vast expanse of the desert, alone or with friends, as you embark on a quest to revitalize the barren lands and uncover the secrets of a forgotten civilization. Through cultivation, crafting, and uncovering ancient magic, embrace the role of a savior for this ailing realm, one seed at a time.

Cultivate Your Oasis Amidst the Dunes

Equipped with a diverse array of handcrafted tools, embark on a mission to transform a small oasis within the expansive desert into a flourishing sanctuary. Plant seeds, manipulate the terrain with canals, and safeguard your flora from the elements and ominous forces. With every acre you cultivate, witness the transformation of the arid expanse into a lush paradise, brimming with life and vitality.

Adventure through the Enigmatic Wilderness

Beyond the apparent desolation, the desert teems with life and possibilities. Engage in foraging missions to collect resources and seeds, all while navigating through perilous terrains such as salted seas, poisoned canyons, and frigid mountains. Discover rare minerals, exotic plant species, endearing creatures, and ancient spirits, each contributing to the unraveling of the world’s mysterious past.

Unveil the Secrets of a Fallen Civilization

Journey through the temples of the forgotten gods, unravel the enigma shrouding the world’s catastrophic downfall, and unlock the ancient art of magic. Armed with newfound knowledge and powerful tools, combat the malevolent wraiths, free the captive deities, and infuse the desolated land with renewed vitality and hope.

Thrilling 4-Player Co-op Gardening

Collaborate with up to three companions in an online gardening escapade. Together, tend to your thriving sanctuary, navigate the perilous desert, and defend your newfound haven from the relentless threat of the sinister wraiths. However, bear in mind that with more helping hands, sustenance becomes a shared responsibility.

Personalize Your Garden and Appearance

Allow your creativity to flourish by shaping the garden according to your whims. Construct bridges, footpaths adorned with enchanting lanterns, sturdy walls, and other magical embellishments to infuse life and character into your sanctuary. Additionally, craft a myriad of stylish outfits, adding a personal touch to your desert exploration.

Key Features of Wildmender

  • Cultivate and grow numerous plant species with an array of cultivars to discover
  • Construct over 50 structures and tools to manage and beautify your sanctuary
  • Unlock more than 75 perks and ability upgrades to aid your journey
  • Engage in 1-4 player online Co-op multiplayer mode
  • Encounter a procedurally generated world for a unique challenge with each playthrough
  • Experience the dynamic day-night cycle influencing plant growth and the appearance of wandering spirits
  • Access a diverse selection of character outfits for personalized expression
  • Adjust game difficulty settings and modes for a customized gaming experience on the fly.

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