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Wintermoor is a school-themed tactic game that was developed by EVC and published by Versus Evil and was released on 10th of September 2020. It’s a game that draws inspiration from both the visual novels and tactics RPGS. The game vividly describes a story on how to use different tactics to survive high school. Just like any other tactics game play that uses school setting wintermoor contains fantasies played on different locations in the school. One plays as Alicia the main character who is trying as hard as she can to make her club win the snowball war after the principal decided to eliminate all the clubs leaving only one.

The clubs are put in a competition with each other and Alicia’s hope is that her team will emerge to be the winner of the war of the clubs which will transform them, from being just geeks into the fantasy champions. She also helps other students deal with their own shortcomings by writing campaigns to help them out. One is also given a chance to upgrade their character by studying the other students in wintermoor. Grab yourself a copy as you can’t afford to miss out on all the fun experiences in the game.

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