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World War Z: Aftermath is a game that is created by Saber Interactive. It is the ultimate zombie shooter and is an advancement of the classic hit, World War Z. When it was first released, several people dismissed and criticized the World War Z game adaptation since they considered it to be just like other movie tie-in cash grabs.

However, this game has developed significantly to join the list of the greatest co-op shooters games in the industry. The game captures everything that was brought success to the original game and goes further to enhance the mechanics and add new features. This post will discuss some of the features of the game.

Features of World War Z: Aftermath

World War Z: Aftermath is a third-person, four-player, coop game that requires great teamwork to fend off zombies – if you try to force your way through a particular level, you will not last so long in the game. These features are retained in the game and new elements are added to them to enhance the player’s experience.

The innovative first-person mode is quite an interesting one. It helps to bring the player closer to the action and increases the intensity of gaming sessions. Keep in mind that this mode rebalances movement and shooting to accommodate different perspectives. After all, the experience of traversing environments and firing in the first-person view is not the same as doing it in the third-person view.

The Bottom Line

World War Z: Aftermath is an exceptional coop shooter game with new stages, adaptive A.I, and an outstanding FPS mode. This is not only beneficial to new players but will be a great expansion for veteran players. If you and your friends are searching for a game that you will play for hours, then you should check out World War Z: Aftermath.

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