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Yes, Your Grace is a kingdom management RPG designed and developed by the UK-based Brave at Night team and published by No More Robots.

Play the king

Set in the medieval era, in the Land of Davern, you’ll play a king who has a wife and three daughters. To start with, you’ll listen to the simple petitions and requests from your peasants and lords and decide whether you can give them the gold and supplies they need.

This might sound quite simple to start with, but as time goes on, you realise that your resources aren’t infinite and you’ll have to turn some requests down. These decisions can lead to predictable – and some unpredictable – consequences. Not everyone is your friend in Davern and some people are downright dishonest, so you have to think ahead and box clever…

You typically only speak to one person at a time and so you won’t know if you gave resources to someone less deserving than the next supplicant until you actually meet the next supplicant. Regrets, you’ll certainly have a few.

There may be trouble ahead

You’ll get to rule over a kingdom at war in Yes, Your Grace. While you get lots of warning of conflict brewing, your previous decisions will affect the end result, which is another reason to think very tactically. There’s quite a few twists and turns in YYG, some of which will be obvious from the start and some which will blindside you.

The graphics

The graphics have received a lot of praise for their lush and opulent appearance, which is slightly retro and also somewhat reminiscent of a stained-glass window at times. It’s an absorbing game and well worth the price.

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