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Diablo 3 is an adventure fantasy role-playing action game with multiplayer and competition options, developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment.

Zero to Hero

Diablo 3 offers seven very different hero ‘classes’ for players to choose from, each with their own individual style, power, and abilities. For those with a preference for tribal warriors, for example, Diablo 3 offers The Barbarian; for those inclined towards spirits and sorcery, there is The Witch Doctor. Players take on the role of their chosen hero to travel across the dark mythical realm of ‘Sanctuary’, battling demons and slaying monsters to complete their quests. The quests are progressive and the game builds as the quests are completed, while the heroes gather gold and earn experience along the way. Never fear, however – this game won’t stagnate, as it is impossible to fail a quest.

Big Brother

Diablo 3 is a notable upgrade from the previous Diablo versions, while remaining faithful to the previous storylines. New and improved graphics have updated the visuals of this game and given it a whole new lease of life, unlike the black, white, grey and red landscapes of 1 and 2. Diablo 3 retains all the features of a good hack-and-slash, however, while offering three unique game modes, party and public games, as well as the chance to ‘brawl’ in player vs. player. It also offers ‘Seasons’; the chance for players to compete with other players for the top of a leaderboard. Seasons require a’Seasonal Hero’, a special character with a clean slate created by the player who can earn Season rewards like pets, portraits, wings and Pennants. Players who are too attached to their off-Season Barbarian or Demon Hunter needn’t worry – with the ‘Rebirth’ option, existing heroes can be transferred into a current Season and back again.