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Star Wars: Squadrons is the latest Star Wars gaming experience from publisher EA. Made by the team at Motive Studios, this fast-paced space combat game puts you in the pilot’s seat. Set after the conclusion of the beloved original trilogy of Star Wars films, Squadrons gives the player the chance to immerse themselves in the iconic world of renegades and rebels. The game boasts enough features and content to allow players to live out all of their greatest space pilot fantasies.

Iconic Ships and Impeccable Detail

Motive Studios have had plenty of experience crafting the perfect Star Wars game from their work on Star Wars: Battlefront II. Needless to say, their experience shows in the remarkable way they have recreated the iconic Star Wars world for Squadrons.

From the very beginning of the game, players will be able to pick which side of the age old galactic conflict they want to fight on. Whether you side with the Rebels or the Empire, both factions will let you pick from four ship classes with different loadouts and features. Each ship is impeccably crafted with authentic details that leave the player immersed in the cockpit. Lights, displays and buttons all give feedback to the player as they navigate through battles from the pilot’s seat.

Ships include the iconic X-wing and Y-wings of the rebels, as well as the TIE Fighter and Interceptor of the Empire. Whatever ship you pick, you will be able to adjust weapon, shield and thruster power to adapt to combat situations on the fly, all whilst flying about at dizzying speed amidst a storm of blaster fire.

A New Star Wars Story

As part of Star Wars Squadrons single player experience, players step into the shoes of two pilots on both sides of the serie’s grand conflict. Set right after Return of the Jedi, players will find themselves encountering iconic Star Wars characters across a narrative that bridges the gap between the classic films and the new.

If all that wasn’t enough, the game also fully supports Virtual Reality. Those with a VR headset can put it on to enjoy the entire story from the best seat in the house. With VR, player’s will feel fully immersed in their 3D cockpit.

Exhilarating Multiplayer Action

Star Wars Squadron’s variety of multiplayer modes is where the game really takes off. Dogfights see two teams of five ace pilots facing off in frantic, competitive fights. This mode will require players make the most of Squadron’s massive customisation options, fine-tuning their ship of choice to take down the competition.

The game also boasts a breath-taking Fleet Battles mode. Here squads unite to face off another squad, or against bots. In these large, multi-stage competitions two squads must complete objectives to advance the frontline. The goal? – to turn the tide of battle and take the enemy team’s capital ship out of the sky. In these large scale fights, Star Wars Squadrons incredible graphical design, fast-paced combat, and immersive controls all come together in an unforgettable flying experience.