Buy Google Play Gift Card, Google Play Credit in Price Comparison

Scroll Down right now, to compare prices in Canada and buy a Google Play Gift Card cheap! After purchase the Google Play Gift Card will allow you to redeem the digital gift card code instantly to your account.

The current lowest price on 04-03-2024 for a Google Play key in Canada is C$ 0.37

Buy Google Play card

With Google Play cards you can quickly top up your Google Play credit. At our website – official Google Play partner – you can easily and without service costs buy your Google Play card online. You do not need a credit card and the Google card is delivered immediately, so that you can use the digital code immediately.

What is a Google Play card?

The Google Play gift card is a gift card that you can use to make purchases in the Play Store. You can choose from a Google Play card of 15 euros, 25 euros, 50 euros and 100 euros. 20 pound, 30 pound, 50 pound and 100 pound. It’s also available in Dollars. You can also buy a variable Google Play card. With this you choose a value between 15 and 150 euros. You can buy the Google Play Store card for yourself or give this Google Play gift card to someone else. The Play Store card has no expiry date and is therefore valid indefinitely.

What can I use Google Play credit for?

With a Google gift card you can easily top up your Play Store credit. In the Play Store you will find everything you need for Android devices and Chromebooks. Think of games, movies, music, books (audiobooks and e-books) and other specific apps for your phone or tablet. You can also use your Google Play Store credit to pay for subscriptions, for example for Google Play Music.

How do I get my Google Play card?

Immediately after placing your order you will receive your Play Store gift card with a digital code. This code is visible on your screen and can also be found in your mailbox. You will receive your Play Store gift code complete with instructions, so you can always easily redeem your code.

How can I redeem my Google Play card?

You can redeem your Google Play code in several ways:

Click on the code and follow the steps to automatically increase your Google Play balance.
You can also redeem your code at
You can also redeem through the Play Store app. Select ‘Redeem’ in the menu.

The value of your code is immediately added to your Google Play Store credit. Need help redeeming your Google Play code? Our customer service is available 7 days a week.

How can I view my Google Play balance?

Are you curious about your Google Play credit? Then open the Google Play Store app and choose ‘Payment methods’ in the menu. Here you can directly check or top up your Google Play credit with a Play Store gift card.