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Day Z is the new game on the block. This thrilling game was developed released by Bohemia Interactive. If you love and are looking for an exciting adventure then Day Z is the way to go. Day Z is a mega multiplayer game consisting of up to 60 players.

Nasty Chernarus

Day Z unfolds on a 230 km platform in Chernarus, a post-soviet country which was attacked by a y virus however, a few people tend to be resistant. You are one of the immune-resistant people. What are you going to do survive whereas the resources available are limited and scarce? The motive of every player in this game is survival. Survival no matter the circumstance. If it is fighting and killing for the resources so be it.

In a multiplayer game like DayZ, hostility always lurks around the corner. An open eye must thus be kept while scavenging for supplies. Real tough and carefully calculated decisions have to be made to avoid little mistakes which may be lethal in the nasty Chernarus. The weather is unkind and the environment dangerous crawling with predators and the infected. This is a game of skill, survival, emotion and constant combat.

Watch out, it’s a time to kill!

In the absence of a built-in tutorial, shallow tips or even waypoints, the player is completely left to his personal choices and survival instincts. To make the situation direr, the game does not provide for extra lives or a save game option. In this regard, it calls for sobriety and precision in each single decision made by the player. After all, the chief aim in this world of horror and death is survival for as long as possible and by whatever means necessary. In this nasty and violent open world terrain; it’s either kill or be killed since failure translates to a total loss and a fresh start over. So keep your mind sharp with a laser-precision kind of focus while in play. They say that there’s a time for everything, here in Chernarus, it’s a time to kill!