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Dirt 5 is an action-adventure racing video game involving fun off-road adventures in different trails and routes across the world. It was created and published by a renowned developer Codemasters. Like other games developed by Codemasters, Dirt 5 has a casual and sporty genre, with a lot of action and adventure embedded in it. Players have a chance to race through trails of snow, ice, sand, or even gravel.

Features of a Dirt 5 Game

Dirt 5 is a car-racing game that has its primary focus on off-road racing. It has several features that make the game interesting for video game lovers:

1. Diverse Car Classes

This game has a variety of car classes that the player can engage in for the competitions. Some of these classes include:
• Rock Bouncer – These are vehicles built with huge wheels, roll cages and mad suspension to counter harsh terrain and overcome every obstacle present in your way.
• Modern Rally – This range of vehicles is the most powerful and is engineered for off-road racers.
• Unlimited – These are huge trucks built for extreme off-road races in the game.
• Cross Raid – These are vehicles built with a combination of speed, durability, and strength to counter difficult terrain.
• Sprint – This car is a unique Dirt 5 sprint car with sporting wheels of varying sizes.
• Pre Runners – These vehicles are some of the best off-road and all-purpose SUVs available for extreme racing in the game.

2. A variety of New Locations to Venture

Dirt 5 offers the player a variety of locations all over the world to race. Every location has dynamic extreme weather that provides thrilling experiences for racing. Some of the best racing locations in Dirt 5 include New York, Brazil, China, Nepal, South Africa, Italy, Norway, Arizona, Morocco, and Roosevelt Island. The places provide different trails for off-road racing.

3. Off-Road Racing Events

Dirt 5 provides its players with a variety of thrilling events to participate in globally. These include:
• Ultra-Cross – A classic rally-cross event that mixes multiple terrains with challenging bends and unpredictable circuit designs.
• Ice Breaker – This event challenges you as a player to grasp short circuits that happen entirely on ice.
• Landrush – Takes place either in dirt or snow and incorporates rough terrains, thrusting jumps, and complicated circuit-based activities.
• Stampede – These are events that involve racing over tough natural landscapes and unmarked trails characterized by sand or mud.


Dirt 5 gives you the chance to either play the progressive career mode or the normal offline mode. The career mode allows players to compete and earn sponsors as well as contracts for the entire season. This game has a split-screen feature that allows players to compete with each other either physically (on the couch) or online.