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Factorio – a CMS video game – was developed and published by Wube Software. It was released on 14 August 2022 for Linux, macOS, and Windows. Originally, the development team consisted of one person but has grown larger. Since it’s an open-world video game, you can continue playing after the storyline has ended.


The game focuses on resource-gathering and has a real-time strategy (RTS) and survival elements as well as influences from IndustrialCraft and BuildCraft mods for Minecraft, a sandbox video game. The game starts with a huge explosion as a result of the player’s spaceship crashing onto an alien planet. The only way off this remote rock is building a new rocket.

How to survive in the game

To survive, you must locate and harvest resources to craft a range of machines and tools. As a result, this creates advanced material that will allow you to progress to more complex machines and technologies. The game advances as you continue building and managing your automated system that automates the processing, transportation, mining, and assembly of products and resources. You’ll research more advanced technologies that will allow you to create new items, structures, and upgrades. This will start with basic automation and result in powered exoskeletons, robots, and oil refining.


The game is customisable through mods, allowing you to create extra content such as re-texturing of visual elements and modifications to the gameplay. There’s a portal on the game’s site for mod developers who would like to host their content. Also, there’s an in-game mod manager designed to assist in supporting the modding community. Essentially, this allows players to download them swiftly.


Factorio comes with a multiplayer mode that allows players to enjoy the game together cooperatively or against each other on the internet and locally. The game supports player-hosted listen servers and dedicated servers. Previously, the game was using peer-to-peer connectivity, but it was removed and replaced by more robust options. You can seamlessly load saved word files in multi or single player. All people who are playing on a server will share technologies by default unless the server host institute a system of various teams. Players can also share construction blueprints with others on their server through a public blueprint library.


Although the core gameplay of Factorio is in Freeplay scenario, you will find various interesting challenges that come as Scenarios. Didn’t find any scenarios and maps that you like? Use the in-game Map Editor to create your own. Place down enemies, entities, and terrain the way you prefer. You can even add your custom script to make the gameplay more exhilarating.


You will defend yourself and your factory from the indigenous fauna of the planet known as Worms, Spitters, and Biters, who became belligerent as pollutant emissions that your factory created increased. Lastly, you can utilise tanks, defensive turrets, and other weapons to defeat foes. Enemies will become hard to defeat as the game advances.

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