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FINAL FANTASY 14 ENDWALKER is the fourth expansion of the Final Fantasy XIV. The game is a massively multiplayer online role-playing (MMORPG) developed by Square Enix Creative. It will be the final chapter of the FF14, which will end eight years of FF14 as players face the Garden Empire in an all-out war. The game was announced on February 2021 and will be released on November 23, 2021.

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New features in the expansion

  • The level cap will be raised to 90.
  • New raids, dungeons and alliance raids
  • Additional zones to explore, like Garlemald, yup and the Moon itself.
  • Two additional jobs: Sage and the Reaper.
  • Additional High-difficulty raid: Pandaemonium.
  • The addition of a Male Viera.
  • Additional threats: Magus Sisters and Amina.
  • Two additional tribes: Loporrits and Matanga.
  • Availability of cross-server travel to other datacentres.
  • Ishgard will have a new housing area.
  • The addition of a Harvest Moon-esque mode where players can tend livestock and gardens.

The game’s story

Final Fantasy 14: Endwalker is a continuation of the current expansion, Shadowbringers. In this game, the last of the remaining Ascians, who worship the primal god Zodiark, want to cause the end of the world to restore their old civilisation. To achieve this, Fandaniel, the chief remaining Ascian, has brought about an all-out war between the evil Garlean Empire and the Eorzean alliance (the good guys).

Fandaniel uses Zenos, a mighty Garlean warrior, to fight you to the death. The only way you can stop them and save Eorzea from destruction is to create new alliances across the realm. You will therefore need to venture into new locales like Sharlyan to expand your team.

The new jobs

The new expansion will have two additional jobs in the MMO. The first job, Sage, is a barrier healer that uses for floaty medical gun-things known as Nouliths. The Character’s aether can use them to heal party members, zap bad guys and create barriers.

The other job, Reaper, is a melee DPS class with a giant scythe that can summon an avatar from the void to help during battles. Like the Summoner job, the avatar is a pet that can be given orders when in combat. The unique thing about Reapers is that they can fuse with their void avatar to gain more power.

Areas you will be visiting

Endwalker players will visit the cities of Radz-at-Han and Old Sharlayan, explore the regions of Garlemald and Thavnair, Pass through the mysterious subterranean Labyrinthos and roam the Mare Lamentorum on the moon’s surface.