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Produced by Luminous, Luminous, a vast and thrilling adventure awaits those looking to play Forspoken. With Project Athia you can expect being transported to a massive and detailed world filled with dismay and attraction.

Project Athia will take you on a thrilling other-worldly adventure it is going to be packed with action and some twists, tempestuous, and forbidding.

What To Expect

Welcome to the world of Arnith, ancient home to an ancient people whose cruel dominion has lasted for centuries Arnith is a world rich with beauty and wonder, but also strife and danger. Having long since lost any semblance of autonomy or independence the people have grown desperate in their struggle to survive, lives are cheap.

As Project Athia opens players find themselves living in a quiet and unassuming fishing village, their lives and routines relatively unchanged despite the encroaching darkness.

Until one day, a mysterious woman appears with an ancient book in hand, setting into motion a chain of events that will change everything for those who remain.

Play as either a female or male human character players will then customize features such as hairstyle, skin tone, eye colour, and facial structure.

Main Features

Project Athia will offer players a choice of eight races to play as well, each with their own unique traits and abilities. Players will also have the option to partake in character customization for all characters within their account regardless of whether or not they have already chosen a race.

The initial release version of Project Athia is slated to have a total of eight classes with two unique class trees per class players will be able to customize their characters further with the ability to choose from a vast assortment of weapons and armor.

Not a Long Wait

Currently, developers are working on implementing an epic storyline with NPC dialogue, quests, and cutscenes. Work on the next gameplay update is well underway, however, with the addition of new game areas, quests, bosses and more.

Being an indie game means limitations, however, so some aspects will be subject to change. This will include things like class abilities, skills, level caps, etcetera depending on circumstances.

Project Athia is currently in open beta, and players can download the installer for free.