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Build Your Own Way to Glory

Shoot to kill in third person all the while creating structures that can be used for protection, and even destruction. Fortnite is an Epic Games production that is available for Windows, PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One. The player versus player gamemode is the most important part of the title, but Save The World also has a solid playerbase. Download their free Epic Games client and install your way into the Minecraft of online shooting multiplayer. Construct the best vantage points with creative angles.

The Start Of Your Personal Fort

This is the bread and butter of Fortnite and it’s also in one of the most modern video game genres. Once you start up the game through the client you’ll see a pretty decent home screen as well as a character. Here you can simply queue up on your own or you can invite a friend and play as a team. After the decision has been made and your favourite gaming buddies have joined the Discord server, you’ll launch into queue until 100 players have been found. This part is more of the butter in my opinion, the next section will be the real dining experience.

Strategize With The Squad

Enter the world and discover the graphics and the game mechanics, that’s about it for phase one. As true gameplay starts to brew(people are rendering the map), you’ll be running around and mostly smacking people with a pickaxe. This is pretty decent if it’s your very first time playing but other than that it’s only a way to get your hands ready. When the match begins you start in a floating bus that you’ll soon parachute out of. Get ready to kill in a cartoony deathmatch.

Put The Plan Into Action

Choose your dropzone, preferably near a building and begin looting ammunition, materials and upgrades. If you like you can land inside a large town, that’s where you’ll find the best equipment. The downside is that other players will want these tools for themselves so prepare for confrontation. Along with weapons, crafting material is very useful in this game. Destroy wood, brick and other objects to later build with them. Chests are scattered across the field and they contain the most desirable. Find the best weapons, survivability items but sometimes it’ll all be for not and a cheeky camper will be aiming a shotgun at your back.

DId… You Die?

Once you make it past the first few minutes(if you’re lucky) the basics to survive will be in your inventory, and at your disposal. There will be a circle on the map that slowly gets smaller, a message will appear and let you know where in the world you can be. Otherwise you’re dead. Depending on where you are there is a decision to be made. Should I try to pick off stragglers on the outskirts? Or do I need to run to the safezone? Strategies are especially endless when creativity and mechanical skills are crucial. There is only one winner, so your single life better be fortunate enough to become the victor.