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Heat is a sandbox game created during the old American times. Here, the player has to imagine themselves trying to settle there during the American Revolution. They need to survive the wilderness, defeat the natives and establish a dominion over the land. They can also go ahead and raise a family, lead their community as the chief and constantly gain power until they can be the most powerful person on the land. This action-packed PC game is another creation of the co-owned Code Hatch Corporation which aims at giving players the power to create and realise their fantasies. Heat will give you firsthand experience on struggle and victory.

About the game

As earlier mentioned, the scene is set in the old America where the player is expected to start from scratch, beat all odds and create an empire. Apart from fighting off the enemies, there is a myriad of activities that the player gets involved in that mimics everyday life, and brings together all aspects of survival. One is expected to build a house, equip and guard it. Other activities include raising a family with other players. Here, one can have their own children or adopt; bring them up into adulthood and equip them with gear and weapons, and can help the player in providing security.

Tools are provided to aid the player to implement other things like road construction, farming and food preparation, shipping and storage, building and construction, and money making activities. The player is also able to customise characters and pick their gender, skin tone, among other features.

Why Early Access?

According to the developer, the game has been released on early access for the next 12 months to allow them to continue getting player feedback as they further develop it. Throughout this period, the game will extensively offer more gear, items and further player progression. This will enable the developer to continue enhancing the game; affix any bugs and safeguard key systems to prevent hacking. This will precede the final release of the full version of the game. Notably, the price of the early access and the final release will remain the same.