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Inscryption is a video game directed by Daniel Mullins, developed by Daniel Mullins Games, and published by Devolver Digital. The generation of inscryption is by a small team, without involvement or support from big game publishing corporations. Therefore, the game is independent. Inscryption is a mysterious card game that is quite a horror for the player. Even though this single-player game is dark, it is very exhilarating, with a lot of adventure in store.

How is Inscryption Played?

The game begins in a dark cabin where the player is seated at a table, with a devilish being on the opposite side. The creature teaches the player how to play the card game. It is either on actual or fictitious animals that these cards are based on. Every card bears an image, a name, likely identifications, and a health indicator. Compared to the other elements, the health indicator and the likely identifications are less relevant in the gameplay. Their purpose is to point out the card type.

The board used to play the card game is a grid, with 3 rows and 4 columns. The first and third rows have the player’s cards while the second one has those of the creature, who in this case is the opponent. Some cards have the power to attack while others can block other cards. However, there are special cards whose attacking capacity overpowers that of the blocking cards. Other powers include plunging underwater to escape attacks and the capacity to hit the opponent from multiple directions.

Therefore, the players ought to be strategic and be smart enough to effectively utilize the powers of their cards. At the end of each party’s turn, they ring a bell and their result is taken down on a weighing scale. Depending on the score, some stones are placed on the opposition’s end of the scale. Each player aims to tip the scale against the opposing party. The player must particularly try harder to outplay the devilish creature and escape the cabin.