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It Takes Two is a game that has been brought forth by Hazelight Studios, and Electronic Arts is the publisher. It falls under the EA Originals label. Currently, the game is available for PlayStation4, PlayStation 5, Windows, and Xbox One. The game does not have a single-player option, and you can only play it on a split-screen or online when you’re two players.


The action-adventure game possesses many elements drawn from platform games. It has been designed for a cooperative multiplayer, and it means you need another player to get started. The game has numerous mechanics from different video game genres. The mechanics also relate to the store and the theme of the game. For example, there is the level whereby Cody can rewind time and May can replicate herself. The players need to cooperate, and they can use the abilities they possess for them to progress to the upper levels. There are also numerous minigames within the game.


May and Cody are a couple, and they are on the verge of a divorce after Cody starts an argument stating that May is working most of the time. On the other hand, May is complaining that Cody does not appreciate her job. They went ahead to inform their daughter they’re divorcing, and Rose is currently working on mending the relationship her parents have by playing around with the dolls that resemble her parents in the family shed. Currently, the bodies of Mat and Cody are trapped in the dolls because there is a tear landing on each one of them. Dr. Hakim is also trying to save the relationship while also trying to reach out to Rose.

At first, Cody and May focus on reaching out to Rose, and their main hope is that she’ll figure out how to get them back to their normal bodies. The only issue is that Hakim was interfering with the progress they were making. Also, they came across different versions of the possessions they initially had, and they start to criticize May and Cody regarding issues such as negligence and mistreatment.

May and Cody get to remember the positive memories they possessed together, and they were drawn together as a couple. Rose goes ahead to try and mend the relationship between her parents, but the main issue is that the bodies of her parents are unconscious, and they cannot give her a response. Rose, in turn, assumes that her parents are ignoring her, and she believes the marriage is falling apart and she cannot do anything about it.