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Monster Hunter Rise, an ARPG, was developed as well as published by a Japanese company called Capcom. The game features single-player and online and local multiplayer modes with a maximum of four hunters in a group.


The player assumes the role of the new Hunter. The hunter is tasked with capturing or slaying huge monsters using a range of environmental features, tools and weapons to damage and make them weak while surviving their attacks.


The game starts in Kamura Village, where the Wyverian twins (Minoto and Hinoa) tell the player that they have been prompted, and they are now a Hunter by the Guild. The twins escort the new Hunter to Fugen, the village leader. Fugen congratulates the new Hunter on their success and a large horde of monsters could come to attack the village. So Fugen tasks the new Hunter to protect the village from the monsters.

Upgrading the existing gear

Each monster the player hunts will provide them with materials that will allow them to craft new armour and weapons and upgrade their existing gear. The player can then return to the field to hunt fiercer monsters and get better rewards. The player can change their weapon at one of the Equipment Boxes.


In the game, there are dog-like companion creatures called Palamutes. The player can ride these creatures to navigate the map swiftly without losing stamina. Also, Palamutes can scale cliffs fast and perform attacks and fight monsters alongside the other companion option of the player, the cat-like Palicoes.


The Wirebug allows players to grapple and swing to higher locations or across gaps. Additionally, it has different interactions with every type of weapon, adding to the weapon’s set of combos and moves. The Wirebug also allows players to engage some monsters in Wyvern Riding.