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Mordhau is a feudal game that was developed and published by Triternion and released in April 2019. It is a multiplayer fictional slasher game played in a real world where characters play as first and third persons. It has a maximum of 64 characters that create a brutal battlefield that you have to play by fighting with them with combat that is fast paced which makes you come back again and again to fight. You will also get into sieges and also charged in case you are helped.

Mordhau features

Fight your enemies from anywhere, ladders, with ballista or catapult. This will make you kill them as fast as you can.

Unique styles, use different styles to defeat your enemies

Supportive players, as you play you got characters that are cooperative who fight your enemies using advanced skills.

Brutal battles where it starts with small numbers to 64 characters who are in frontline ready for war.

Control your players and equip them fully and make sure they acquire new and advanced fighting skills to be able to defeat your enemies.

How to wear and play

This game has a lot of freedom but you have to be very keen on your choices. If you choose a suitable suit with helmet, strong shoulders and arms, boots and legs then you will be good for the fight. Another important thing is the colours of your suit it has to be that which is not noticed easily and strong a metal suit will be ideal. You have to attack your enemies in combos with quick shots. Make sure they are overwhelmed and this can be so if you act as a crusader. Make sure they are not any close to you using unique styles and kicks to push them away. You need to choose a combination of weapons that will enable you to win easily. There are varieties that you can decide to fight with you can choose a wooden handle and head or blades it depends on what works for you.

Why play Mordhau

This is a fun game that a player feels it is real. It has features that are challenging to combine and play with but needs a strategy for you to win and this is what makes it more fun. Like the combat suit, you are the one that chooses what your characters wear and are designed to fight with any number of characters. Playing Mordhau is about your strategy and balance.