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Are you a fanatic of survival games that entails doing what you must do to keep your house going? New World is a massively multiplayer game that gives a player an endless opportunity to fight and use a real-time combat system. This online role-playing game is a product of Amazon Games Oranges and uses an O3DE engine.
Be that as it may, the game introduces and allow the player to forge into a new destiny after the shipwrecked on the magical island of Aeternum. As a result, the game allows the player to explore a thrilling and open-world MMO. This article will discuss some of the key features a player experience when playing this game.

Key features

The following are the key features of New World.

The land of Magic

As you explore and uncover the mysteries in the New World, you discover the secret truth in Aeternum. You will come in contact with its millennia of strange inhabitants and discover the island’s beauty and danger. To survive this horror, a player requires exceptional skills, allowing them to take advantage of the island gifts.


The game organizes like-minded players and non-player characters to win motives and schemes that alter the island future. As a result, this function enables you to wage war, defend and create your territory.

Use of sorcery, swords and guns

The game gives the player brutal weapons, supernatural powers, and a range of artillery to develop new territory. As a result, a player can sing spells or use a shield to further their course. This action allows a player to switch to something neat at any time.


Any player can attest to that New World has spiced the MMO genre as a whole. When playing this game, a player can access new abilities along the way.

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