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Warbands Bushido is a board game filled with cards, dice, miniatures and magnificent terrains to fight on. It has both single-player and multiplayer scenarios. The game was developed by Red Unit Studios and released on 15th September 2017. You can easily access the game on Steam.

How to Play

This game places the player in a position where they command a warrior band from ancient Japan. It is depicted through a traditional hex-grid battlefield from a geometric system view. This game comes with a traditional feel and looks of a simplified wargame. In the real sense, you will be playing a simulated wargame, which is actually a simulation of warfare. It strives to depict the feel of tabletop war. Before you can start the battle, you need to come up with a warband made up of single units. However, if you are playing the multiplayer mode, you can set up different bands. Enlisting every unit will cost you some of your war points. In a single player mode, your experience level will determine the number of units you can enlist and warpoints you can use. On the other hand, on a multiplayer scenario, your level of experience determines the list. The battles are important and so, is the collecting feature. All your hard-earned coins can be used to buy new gleaming miniature boxes and clean order cards pockets. It is a feature that will definitely make the player obsessed with coins collection, and the best thing is that all purchases are made using the coins. This is instead of making in-app purchases.

Warbands Bushido Structure

Its structure involves fighting for achievements, which, in turn, earn you coins that you can use to purchase new cards and units. Acquiring these items randomly is addressed by you being able to change them into a magic powder that can later be used to buy any item you prefer. Combat is swift and very straightforward. How units act is usually determined by their, agility which also plays a big role in how far they can move. If a conflict happens, your units proceed to roll a number of combat dice, depending on their difficulty levels. The dice come with X’s that mean a miss, skulls to show you have made a hit and banners, which signify special hits meant to boost morale. The more hits a player has, the lower the hits the opponent achieve. The remaining total is deducted from the toughness of the losing unit. However, some units possess armour points that help them in absorbing damage.